MB WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version (Anti-Ban) Updated


Hello Everyone, Are you still using the same WhatsApp? Do you want to know about MB WhatsApp? Its advanced features and benefits? If yes then the article is for you. In this article, we have shared all the amazing details about MB WhatsApp Apk. MB WhatsApp, also known as MB WA is like a lite version of GB WhatsApp. This version is specially made to give more conversational customization than any other WA MODs. We are going to share a direct download link for MB WhatsApp Apk, so you can enjoy it for free. All you need to do is, just read this article till the end and don’t skip it.

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Overview Of MB WhatsApp Apk

Using the same thing daily can be boring. This is the same happening with WhatsApp. Millions of people use it in their daily routine but don’t know how to get extra features from it. If this is what happens to you, then you are in the right place. In this modern era, people have advanced, because they choose to use WhatsApp MODs like MB WhatsApp Apk. MB WhatsApp has everything you can see in WhatsApp, but also this app gives you many extraordinary features that are out of the box.

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MB Whstapp is a specially designed version for people to use with more customization, having premium things and customizations in it. This version will never let you feel bored, and you can change everything on it. There is a collection of over 5 thousand exclusive themes, you engage the looks of MB Whstapp. You can change the fonts in any type you want, as this version allows you to customize it fully. We will see more about its features in this article.

Why Should I Use MB WhatsApp Apk?

This is one of the common questions people ask me If I have WhatsApp available on my phone why should I install any other version? So the answer to this version is pretty much simple. Can you eat the food you ate yesterday, obviously not right? This same applies to WhatsApp, This app isn’t growing much it has the same UI and features you saw 5 or 10 years ago. Because using the same thing, again and again, makes it boring to use. That is why you should use MB WhatsApp and give your boring WhatsApp an amazing start.

Download MB WhatsApp APK Latest Version Updated

App NameMBWhatsApp
Size 56MB
Updated On2 Hours Ago
Total Download10,00,000+

Fabulous features in MB WhatsApp Apk

MB WhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp alternatives, this version allows you to expand many outstanding features which you haven’t used before. To give you proper knowledge about its amazing features, below we have shared the top features of MB WhatsApp Apk, so you can easily utilize them

List Of Features In WhatsApp Apk

  • Custom Notifications
  • Build in Backup and Restore
  • DND/Aeroplane Mode
  • Status Downloader
  • Customization Freedom
  • More Media Sharing
  • Powerful App Lock
  • Universal Settings

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Custom notifications

MB WhatsApp chat settings

WhatsApp being a messaging app is sometimes very important for us. We use it for many important conversations because now you can customize the notification for each chat. There are options to make it unique in different notification sounds and notifications. As an example you can disable notifications from all other chats, just allow notifications for your important contacts so you can be more productive. This feature is very useful to give you rud from annoying messages.

Build in backup and restore

MB WhatsApp media settings

WhatsApp also has the option to back up and restore your chat and data, but do you know it’s not safe? Taking a backup means breaking the end-to-end encryption. Because in MB WhatsApp we have added a feature to take backups and restore. This feature will back up your data in your device storage, so you will never need to worry about any data stealing problem.

DND/Aeroplane mode

MB WhatsApp chat

Many times it’s important to go offline, it could be because of annoying messages just to focus on work. But do you know now you can just go offline in WhatsApp in one click, the most amazing thing about this is you don’t need to turn off your data. So you can still do many other works while being offline on WhatsApp. This feature is only available with MB WhatsApp, so download it now.

Status Downloader

MB WhatsApp privacy settings

Do you use a third-party status app for just downloading status? Then this feature is for you. With these amazing features, you can get relaxation from all the third-party apps and focus on one single app with all the features. While viewing another status you can just click on one of them and download it in no time. It’s a very simple and easy process and anyone can do it easily.

Customization Freedom

MB WhatsApp security settings

Are you bored using the same UI and interface?, Then here are some amazing features of MB WhatsApp. This version has all the settings to customize it as you want. Now you don’t need to worry about anything else, you can easily customize everything thing from this app. Like its theme, layout, fonts, colors Background, and, many more. There are all the settings options such as universal settings, chat screen settings, and more.

More Media Sharing

MB WhatsApp settings

If you have been using WhatsApp for a while, you do know that this version doesn’t allow you to share more media, you can only send limited photos and data using WhatsApp. To give you freedom we have added more media-sharing features in MB WhatsApp, this feature allows you to share more size media files and data. Now you can easily more lots of size files without any worry.

Powerful App Lock

MB WhatsApp

One of the important things we use for security is App lock. Because in MB WhatsApp we have included a powerful In-Build app lock. Like other third-party app locks, this app lock has some Pros and insane features. This In-Build app lock works very well as it doesn’t use any other resource. Also, it has all the Unlocking patterns such as pattern, password, pin, and many more.

Universal Settings

MB WhatsApp calls

Universal settings are a time saver, this setting helps you beat the time and do all the universal changes in one place. While many people like to use the same layout, colors, and font for all the screens. So using the universal settings you can easily configure all these settings at once. Now you don’t need to waste your time just searching for settings and applying them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download MB WhatsApp apk?

Now downloading MB WhatsApp is not a big deal, you can easily download this app from our official website aeroapp.net. It’s an official website to download all kinds of WhatsApp mods.

Which are the popular versions of WhatsApp mods?

although all the versions are been popular, some of them are GB WhatsApp apk, MB WhatsApp apk, FM WhatsApp, and more.

Is it safe to use MB WhatsApp MOD Apk?

Yes, it’s safe to use MB Whstapp Apk, just ensure to use a genuine site while downloading the app, like aeroapp.net

Which is the lowest Android version required to install MB WhatsApp Apk on my device?

You should have Android version 4.4 and above to install MB WhatsApp on your device.

How to download MB WhatsApp APK for Free?

Downloading MB WhatsApp has been a very easy task, all thanks to AeroApp.net. It’s an official website to download all kinds of WhatsApp Mods on your device. You can easily download the latest version of MB WhatsApp on your device, all this with full safety measures.

At AeroApp.net we share apps after all Tye safety tests, our users are very important to us. All you need to do is, just click on the Download button below, and you will be able to use MB Whatsapp For Free.

Installation Guide for MB WhatsApp Apk

Are you also worried about installing MB WhatsApp Apk on your device? If yes then here we have added a quick installation guide for MB Whatsapp Apk. So just follow it carefully and you can also be able to enjoy MB WhatsApp on your device.

Step 1. Click on the download button to download MB WhatsApp Apk

Step 2. Once you are done with downloading, go to your file manager search for the app we just downloaded, and click on it.

Step 3. After that, you will see a new window asking permission for Unknown Sources, so to install MB WhatsApp on your device you should allow this setting.

Step 4. Then click the back button and you will see an Installation window, Click on the Install button and wait for a few minutes there.

Step After you are done with the installation process, simply click on open and enjoy MB WhatsApp Apk for free.

Final Verdict

In the above article, we have shared with you a very amazing WhatsApp Alternative called “MB WhatsApp“. MB WA is one of the most popular WhatsApp alternatives in the market, with its fabulous features and customizations people love to use it. We have shared all the details about this app, so you can clear all of your doubts. Also for all our users, we have shared the MB WhatsApp Apk download link, so can freely download and enjoy this app on your device. Please share our article with your friends, so they can enjoy it too. We will see you in a new one. Till then make sure to share this article with all your friends and family members. Also if you have any problems downloading and installing MB WhatsApp Apk.

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