Aero WhatsApp Apk Latest (v10.76) June 2024 Official Updated Version


Are you still using the same old WhatsApp And have not started Aero WhatsApp yet? Are you bored and tired of its features?, Do you want to access more advanced features beyond the limitations? If yes then this article is for all of you. In this article, we have brought the ultimate WhatsApp mod with you “Aero Whatsapp“. Aero WhatsApp is one of the best Whatsapp alternatives in the market with many unique and premium features. We will be going to share all the core information about this app. You can easily download  aero Whatsapp Apk from our website, so for that, you should read this article till the end, and skip any part,

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Aero WhatsApp

Overview of Aero Whatsapp apk

Life is moving rapidly, we are going fast racing in everything available there. But are you going fast enough, there are still many things that we use in our daily routine, But the fact is it’s not updating as time. One of the best examples here is Whatsapp Messenger.

Whatsapp is one of the biggest social media platforms, I know we use it in our daily life. But there are still very less security, customization, and options available in it. because we are here with you, having the best solution for all these problems, Aero Whatsapp. You can simply use WhatsApp mods, like Aero WhatsApp, and get thousands of amazing features available to you. It’s one of the best versions of WhatsApp mods with some core community features like themes, security, and privacy features which we will be going to learn ahead in this article.

Why do you need Aero WhatsApp Apk?

The first question in everyone’s mind is why we need to use Aero Whatsapp when we do have WhatsApp available to us. So the simplest answer to this question is to change while using the same WhatsApp will not change anything, but just make you more bored with it. On the other hand, Aero WhatsApp is specially made to deliver premiums to users. This version will provide you with more security features, customizations, Privacy, and more. So try Aero WhatsApp now.

Is it safe to use the Aero Whatsapp app?

There are many myths in people’s minds, like is it safe to use Aero Whatsapp Apk? So for this, you first need to understand WhatsApp Aero WhatsApp. Aero WhatsApp is nothing but a Modified version of WhatsApp having more added features, customizations, and all the limits you see in WhatsApp.The core features like sending messages and media files will be done through WhatsApp API only, it will just change the user interface making it easier and conversational to use. Aero Whatsapp is safe for you, just you need to download it from a trusted source only, like

Download Aero WhatsApp APK Latest Version Updated Anti-Ban

Aero WhatsApp

Downloading Guide for Aero WhatsApp Apk

After hearing all this amazing information about Aero WhatsApp, I am sure you want to download it. because for your convenience we have shared the official download link of Aero Whatsapp in this article. This is an official website to download Aero WhatsApp and you can freely download all WhatsApp versions from it. Our team has given this version after proper security checkups, so you will never need to worry about anything.

Fabulous Features of Aero Whatsapp Apk

Aero Whatsapp is like the king of WhatsApp mods, this version not only includes the core features but also, gives you access to added features. You can learn more about these amazing features in Aero Whatsapp below. We have shared all features with proper explanations, so read till through end.

List Of all available features

  • Aero Theme Store
  • Expoit the limitation
  • Freeze your last seen
  • In the build app lock
  • Customize as you want
  • More Privacy options
  • Send Unlimited Media
  • Custom Call Blocking
  • Aero Widgets
  • Chat Screen Customisations
  • Hide Chats
  • Double Tick Settings
  • Blue Tick Settings
  • Tick Styles Settings
  • Download Status
  • Hide Your View Count
  • Share Large Size Media
  • Share Images without losing quality
  • Change App Icon
  • Anti-Ban Inbuilt
  • Anti-Toast
  • Anti-Delete
  • Any Much more

Aero Theme Store

One of the most satisfying concerns about WhatsApp mods is their theme. Because in Aero WhatsApp you get a more advanced theme store officially from Aero Whatsapp. This theme store has thousands of beautiful themes available in it. For all our users, we have unlocked these themes, so now you can easily enjoy the most amazing themes and enjoy the ultimate WhatsApp experience.

Expoit the limitation

Whatsapp has many limitations, if you have also used it before then you do know that it has limitations in media file sharing, photos, video sharing, and many more. but don’t worry my friends, we have brought the solution to all these problems. You can simply use Aero Whatsapp apk and explain all the limitations of WhatsApp. With this app, you can share unlimited media files, photos, videos, and many more. All you need to do is, just download the aero WhatsApp on your device now.

Freeze your last seen

Last seen is a privacy concern, we don’t want anyone to know it and see the activities we do. While there is no option in WhatsApp to hide it. But now with the Aero Whatsapp apk, you can easily freeze your last seen and set it to the previous one. No one can check whether you are online or not. There are many advanced privacy settings available in Aero WhatsApp, like blue tick settings, disappearing messages, and many more. learn more about all this, by downloading the Aero WhatsApp Apk.

In the build app lock

There are thousands of app locks in the market, but the truth here is no one works well. While WhatsApp is been one of the most private concerns, we can’t take the risk of it. So you can simply switch to Aero WhatsApp because in aero you will get an in-build app lock with all the features like a phone lock. This app lock is very good and gives you total control over WhatsApp. You can set any type of lock like pattern, Pin, Password, and finger, just set up it as you want.

Customize as you want

Customization is also one of the most important aspects of WhatsApp mods because in Aero WhatsApp you will get everything customizable. You can change the theme, colors, text, fonts, background, and many more. The best thing bout this feature is, it’s available for free, for all the users of you can do all the customizations for free. Just go to Aero Whatsapp=> Click on the 3 dots in the top left corner => and click on the aero privileges. and explore all the fantastic features.

More Privacy options

Want to experience then Aero WhatsApp is here. enjoy the most amazing privacy setting and feel more same while using Aero Whatsapp. This app gives you many added features, many of which are to improve your privacy and give you the best security while messaging. You can choose who can message you, send a welcome note, hide the last scene, and many more. This version also allows you to show/hide blue clicks for your messages, not this only but you can also set custom privacy settings for your contacts, groups, and Broadcast differently.

Custom Call Blocking

There is always a friend who calls without any reason, but how can we avoid it? using the Aero Whatsapp apk, you can get custom blocking in the latest version of the Aero WhatsApp app. This blocking is like a block we do in normal ways, but here the catch is you will be going to block them for WhatsApp calls only. the best thing about this is while doing so no one will get to know that you blocked him, not the blocked user also. Whenever they will call you it will show a message as ringing, not picking up, the user is not able to take calls, and more.

Aero Widgets

Aero WhatsApp widgets are also a cool feature of this app, you will get many exciting widgets collections to experience. For all of you, we have given this widget available for free. You will only see the Aero widgets option in the official version, so it’s also a way to authenticate the app. You can simply go to Aero privileges after clicking the 3 dots on the top left-hand side corner. Then search for Aero widgets and explore the amazing collection available in its store.

Chat Screen Customisations

Most people spend hours on ton chat screens and it’s pretty genuine because here we are talking about a messaging app. You know that Aero WhatsApp has thousands of customization features because here we have added a special section to customize the chat screen. There are all the settings available in this setting under the Conversation screen settings. You can change the total UI and settings available on the chat screen.

How to install Aero Whatsapp on Mobile Phone

Many people are stuck in the installation process because of not using it right. look installing apk from a third-party source is very easy, with our website you can do it in some easy steps. below we have shared the step-by-step guide for you. If you find any error or problem while installing the app, then just comment to us below.

Step 1. first of all you will need to download Aero WhatsApp from our official aero website.
Step 2. Then go to your file viewer and search for the spk, we just downloaded, and click on it.
Step 3. After this, you will see a new popup window asking for permission on “Unknown Sources”.  So to install this apk you should allow this permission in the next screen.
Step 4. Now click on the install button and wait while the process is going on.
Step 5. After you are done with the installation process, you can click open and enjoy the Aero Whatsapp apk for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aero Whatsapp Apk?

Aero Whatsapp simply is a Mod version of WhatsApp with many added and extra features. This version gives you more security, privacy, and customization than the older version.

How to download Aero Whatsapp apk for free?

Many sites can offer you Aero whatsapp but you should only download it through its official website Because here you will get genuine mods with all the latest versions of Aero WhatsApp for free.

What are the core features to switch on Aero Whatsapp?

The Aero WhatsApp has some core features, like more privacy options, increased security, full fledge customization, and many more. because of all this, anyone will want to switch to Aero Whatsapp apk.

Which is the lowest android version required to install aero WhatsApp on my device?

You will need android version 4.1 and above to use and install Aero WhatsApp on your android device.

How to use Aero WhatsApp apk on PC?

Now you can easily use Aero Whatsapp on your pc, just go through our simple guide and you will be able to run this app on your pc smoothly.

1. First of all go to google and search for the best android emulator with your pc OS name (Like, win 10)
2. After this download the emulator and install it on your PC
3. Then download the Aero whatsapp apk for pc from the download button.
4. After that open the emulator and install Aero Whatsapp using it.
5. Once you are done, launch the app and sign in. Then you can easily use this Aero Whatsapp app on your pc.

Final Verdict

In the above article, we have shared Aero WhatsApp Apk with you. It’s one of the most popular Whatsapp Mods, you will get thousands of customizations and addon features available in it for free. We have shared a detailed review of Aero Whatsapp, with its features why should you use it? So read all the amazing information shared in this article. You can easily download Aero WhatsApp on your device for free, Just click on the download button, and that’s all. If you like our article then please consider sharing it with others and help them too. That’s it, for now, we will be back with a refreshing article.