OGInsta + APK Download Latest Version For Free – Official (Updated)


OGInsta+ APK also known as OG Instagram APK, is a popular Instagram MOD APK that offers amazing features for Instagram lovers. If you are an Instagram lover or user then, you must know about OGInsta+ APK. Welcome to AeroApp.net, your ultimate destination for the best Instagram mods. We offer several Instagram mods on our site, such as Insta Ultra, Aero Insta, GB Instagram, and many more. Today, we are excited to share another amazing Instagram MOD with you – OGInstagram APK. Let’s dive into what OGInstagram APK is all about.


What is OGInstagram APK

Instagram is a widely used application across the world, mainly due to its popularity and user-friendly interface. However, Instagram has certain restrictions due to its privacy policy, which limits the availability of additional features. For example, Instagram does not allow users to upload stories longer than 60 seconds download media, and do many more things.

But with OGInsta+ APK, you can upload stories longer than 30 seconds, download any media, customize the user interface by applying different themes, hide typing and received message status, and much more. OGInstagram+ provides numerous demanding features to its users, and you can find the complete list of features with a short explanation below. If you want to download OGInsta+ APK, click on the download button below.

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Download OGInstagram APK Latest Version (v15.4) Updated

App NameOGInstagram
Size 14MB
Updated On5 Hours Ago
Total Download10,00,000+

Fabulous Features In OG Instagram Apk

OG Instagram apk is filled with thousands of unique and extraordinary features. This app gives you total access to features and customizations that are not available anywhere else. So without wasting any further time let’s get started. Please make sure to read this article till the end.

List Of Features of OGInstagram

  • Exclusive Media Sharing Settings
  • The Premium Insta Version
  • Insta With More Convenience
  • Exclusive features For Chating
  • The Extras On OG Insta
  • Ultimate Customisations
  • Exclusive Features On OG Instagram
  • Easier To Share
  • Insta Videos and Status Downloaders

Exclusive Media Sharing Settings

  • More Photos Sharing: OGInsta Allows you to share more photos and media files. You can now share as many photos as you want, The maximum photo sharing limit at once is 90 photos. Also, the quality of sharing photos will remain the same in the new version.
  • Videos Sharing: Now with the help of OGInsta Apk you can share any videos on Insta. The limit of status video is also increased by 1 minute and the quality of video sharing has improved. Now you don’t need to be afraid while sharing videos on OG WA Apk.

The Premium Insta Version

  • No Ads: OG Instagram Apk offers you fully ads-free environments, unlike the official version that has ads on every screen. You can enjoy a seamless and clean UI with OG Insta Apk. This is a premium feature, but using OG Insta APk you can get it free.
  • Multiple Instagram Accounts: Now you can use multiple Instagram accounts on your device, There is no need to have 2-3 devices, Just install OG Insta APk and you can enjoy using multiple accounts on the single app.

Insta With More Convenience

  • Instagram Stories: With the new OGInsta Apk you can set stories up to 1 minute. This feature was first introduced by OG Instagram and then adopted by other mod versions. Using it, You can get the best stories experience and enjoy using Instagram more.
  • Zoom in the Profile Pictures: In the official insta version there is no option to zoom in and watch the profile picture, But now using OGInsta Apk you can easily zoom the profile picture and watch it. Now Instagram has also been inspired by these features and started adopting it in the latest versions.

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Exclusive features For Chating

  • Inbuilt Translator: Do you use third party translators, then you are missing out with the all new features of translator in oG Insta Apk. This translator helps you get translate all the messages in one place.
  • Hide Typing Status: Your privacy is very important to us, because in OGInsta Apk we have added a advanced privacy features to hide your typing status. Now you can chat with anyone, Without showing your next move.
  • Hide Message View Status: many often we want to read a message but don’t want the sender to know about it, Here comes the hide message status features. This features ensure to keep the view ticks as unread and respects your privacy than anything.

The Extras On OG Insta

  • Download Profile Pictures: Do you want to download someone’s profile picture but curious how to do it, Dont worry my friend we have got you. Using OG Insta APk now you can easily download the profile picture of any person.
  • Copy Comments: If you use Instagram frequently, You may know that you cant copy any comments from it directly, So we have added a feature which will help you copy any comments very easily.
  • Reposting: OG Insta allows you to repost a post by any user, This means you can share the content of any user, such as media, photos videos, or reels. Please note that this is not a good practice by the guidelines of Instagram, so doing it very frequently can ban your account.
  • Copy Captions: Copy captions of any Instagram post, Reel or videos, This is now possible only by using OG WhatsApp Apk. Install it now.

Ultimate Customisations

  • Customizable Themes: When it comes to customisations nothing can work better than OG Instgram apk, This version provides you best ever customisation features. You can change the fonts, background colours, settings and each options in Og Insta Apk. There are options available for all the features you want.
  • Amazing Theme Store: Theme store is another important set of customisation we see in Og Insta Apk, In this version you can customise themes. There are many amazing themes available in this version so you can choose any one of them according to choice and enjoy using it.

Exclusive Features On OG Instagram

  • Follow and Unfollow Indicators: Do you know many peoples or friends you are following are not following you back, Yes that’s true and here is the way to find it. So now using OG Insta APk you can find who is following you can who don’t, There are many peoples who must unfollow you after you have started following them.
  • Dark Mode: Now you can switch to dark mode in OGinsta Apk, We have adopted full dark mode for insta. You will find the option on top right hand corner of the Og Insta Apk.

Easier To Share

  • Direct Message Options: We have included direct message options for Og Insta Apk, This options are very helpful for saving your time. This options allows you to chat with different account with shortcuts. You can edit this shortcuts and get it according to your conviniance.
  • Share Direct URLs: Sharing direct urls can be very helpful sometimes, As we have to share post by there is no option to share URl, or copy Url in Instagram any more. So using new OG Insta Apk, you can now share direct URLs of your post, and reels.

Insta Videos and Status Downloaders

  • Download Stories: Are you still using a third-party app for downloading Stories on Instagram, But it’s not the best available option. You can try to use OG Insta Apk and make the stories downloading easier.
  • Download Highlights: In addition to downloading stories, OGInstagram also allows users to download Instagram Highlights, So now you can select maches and download highlights of them.
  • Download IGTV Videos: IGTV videos are always the first choice for insta lovers after reels, because in the latest version of OG Insta Apk you can download IgTV videos and reels for free. All this amazing features are available for free.Just download the OG insta Apk now

how to install OGInstagram on an Android device?

First, you need to download the OGInstagram APK file from the above download button.

Before installing the APK file, you need to enable installation from unknown sources on your Android device. To do this, go to your device’s Settings, then click on Security or Lock Screen and Security, and then toggle on the option for Unknown Sources.

Now, locate the OGInstagram APK file that you downloaded earlier and tap on it to start the installation process.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. It may take a few minutes to complete the installation, depending on your device’s speed.

Once the installation is complete, you can open OGInstagram from your app drawer and log in to your Instagram account.


What is OGInstagram?

OGInstagram is a modded version of the original Instagram app that provides additional features such as downloading photos, videos, and stories, and viewing full-sized profile pictures

Is OGInstagram safe to use?

OGInstagram is not an official app and is developed by a third-party, so there is a risk of security issues. However, if downloaded from a trusted source (AeroApp.net) and used responsibly, it can be safe to use.

Can I use my regular Instagram account on OGInstagram?

Yes, you can use your regular Instagram account on OGInstagram, but it is recommended to use a secondary account to be on the safer side.

Can I use OGInstagram on an iOS device?

No, OGInstagram is only available for Android devices. But you can use OGInsta on your iOS by using an emulator.

How do I download OGInstagram?

OGInstagram is not available on the Google Play Store, so you need to download it from Our website AeroApp.net.

Last Words

Overall, you now have an understanding of the many useful features offered by OGInstagram that are not available on the official Instagram app. To download and install OGInstagram on your device, simply follow the instructions provided above. If you found this article helpful, feel free to share it with your friends. In this article we have cleared all your doubts about OGInsta+ you can also share if there is any difficulty in downloading OG Insta+ Apk or installing it on your device, Also, be sure to check out our other WhatsApp alternatives, including GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, and Aero WhatsApp. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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