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Hello Everyone, Do you know about WhatsApp Plus? If not, Don’t worry in this article we are going to share all the amazing information about WhatsApp Plus. People WhatsApp Plus also known as WA Plus is a very popular version of WhatsApp Mods. This App overs extensive features with the best user experience. You can modify this app as you want. We will be going to take in-depth reviews about WhatsApp Plus Apk, Also you will be able to download WhatsApp Plus Apk for free. So you should read this article till the end.

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Overview About WhatsApp Plus Apk

We all are pretty much familiar with WhatsApp, and I am sure once in your lifetime you have used it. WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media apps in communication. But still, WhatsApp doesn’t allow many features in it. This is why people are shifting towards WhatsApp alternatives, like WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp Plus has many unique and added features so you enjoy it without any limits. This version also has a fully customizable layout and themes from which you can change everything as new.

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Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version Updated Anti-Ban

WhatsApp Plus
App NameWhatsApp Plus
Size 56MB
Updated On2 Hours Ago
Total Download10,00,000+

Amazing Features In WhatsApp Plus Apk

There are lots of fabulous features available on WhatsApp Plus Apk, these features will help you use WA more efficiently and easily. All you need to know is, how they work and what they are. Below we have shared all the details about WhatsApp Plus Apk and its features. So read it carefully.

List Of Features

  • Ultimate Customisations
  • Privacy Settings
  • Advance App Lock
  • Plus Theme Store
  • Home Screen Settings
  • Universal Settings Options
  • Wa Pro Widgets
  • Blue Ticks settings

Ultimate Customisations

Download APK: Fm Whatsapp

Customization is one of the coolest parts of WhatsApp Mods. Because in WhatsApp Plus Apk, you will get lots of customization options available. These options give you the freedom to choose which custom layout is best for you. You can easily change any fonts, color, and much more. There are dedicated settings for all the settings, so just navigate to them using the WA Pro Panel. There is everything you can get with WhatsApp Plus, You just need to know about the customizations and explore it.

Privacy Settings

Usually, people think WhatsApp Plus is less secure. but it’s not true. The real condition here is WhatsApp Mods like WhatsApp Plus have many special settings to just ensure your safety and security. WA Plus helps you get more privacy than ever, You can hide the forwarded tag, disable the view once messaging, and many more. All these settings help you to use WhatsApp if you want and give you freedom of choice. All these features are available for free, and you can easily start using it just after downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus Apk. So what are you waiting for, Download the app now.

Advance App Lock

Do you want to have 100% safety in your WhatsApp, then you need to use an app lock for it. But as we know the third-party app lock doesn’t work pretty well, also they have lots of ads between them. We suggest you use the In-Build app lock from WhatsApp Plus. This app lock has added features and benefits to unlocking from all the methods like pattern, face, finger, and pin. There are no limitations and no ads in this app lock, so you must use it. It is also very easy to set this app lock on your device, Just go to WhatsApp Plus click on Plus settings >> Generals, and scroll down you will see the new app lock option available.

Plus Theme Store

Whenever we are talking about WhatsApp Mods, we may talk about WA Themes. In the WhatsApp Plus App, you will get more than 5,000 unique themes available on its app. All these themes are available for free, and you can easily use them. Just go to your Plus theme store, select your favorite theme, and click on the download. After this click on Install. Once your installation is done, you will see the new theme applied to the app. This is the best customisation I have ever used, You can change WhatsApp Plus to a different theme and it looks amazing.

Home Screen Settings

WhatsApp Plus has special settings for all the layouts in the app. Here we will be going to discuss its Home screen Settings This option is available in the WA Pro panel, so you can navigate it from three dots in the left corner. These settings are used to adjust and customize the settings for homes. You can change the layout, color scheme, fonts, and other details. The home screen is considered the most viewed screen in WhatsApp after the conversion screen. Because it is important for doing proper customizations for this screen, All the important settings, Customisations, and options are available in the settings tab.

Universal Settings Options

Universal Settings Options are used to maintain an equal and balanced design in all parts of WA Plus. Using Universal Settings you can choose a universal color, fonts, and all other schema details. Now, these settings will look hard to use, but in reality, it’s very easy. You can easily learn the theme by just clicking on any particular settings and checking what has changed. This is a very useful option for maintaining proper design balance in your app. It also helps you to change and customize things fast and all over the app.

WA Pro Widgets

Widgets add life to any application because in WhatsApp Pro there are many widget options available. You can easily select any widget, and Customize it such as its color and name. These widgets are useful for displaying details of any particular contact. So you can easily design this and show it off to other friends. Widgets make it easier to use and operate WhatsApp Plus, Moreover, you can add some cool widgets according to your needs, There are many free widgets available.

Blue Ticks settings

If you are using WhatsApp, you could know about Blue Ticks settings. There are many amazing options available to increase your privacy. So in the Whatsapp Plus app, you can easily control the blue tickets settings. In the Whatsapp Plus app, you can disable Blue ticks, hide Blue ticks, and hide last seen. All these settings are used to maintain your privacy from others, hiding Blue ticks will not show your message read status to anyone. By hiding last seen you can go online, without letting anyone know about it. This is one of the greatest features I liked in this app.

Advantages & Disadvantage Of WhatsApp Plus Apk


WhatsApp Plus is specially used because of its amazing benefits and extraordinary features. Below we have shared some of its top advantages.

  1. Fabulous Theme Store – Although the theme store is been the most important factor in every WhatsApp Mod. But in WhatsApp Plus, you will get more than 5000 unique designs making it the best of any competition.
  2. Fully Customisable UI – WhatsApp Plus can change everything on it. You can change its conversion screen, Theme, layout, and many more.
  3. More Safety – WhatsApp Plus has many safety features that are more advanced than WhatsApp like a Dedicated chat lock, Blue Ticks Hide settings, custom call blocking, and many more.
  4. Available For Free – WhatsApp Plus and other WhatsApp MODs are available for free. So never pay a single penny for them, just go to AeroApp.net, the official website to download all WhatsApp alternatives.


  1. Not an Official Version – WhatsApp Plus is developed by a third-party developer.
  2. Just a modified version – As with other Mod Apks, WhatsApp Plus is also a MOD Version and doesn’t have any rights over its features.
  3. Can be Objectionable – WhatsApp Plus can mislead the information from its core company, so it can be Objectionable for it.

How To Download WhatsApp Plus Apk – Full Guide

There is very less website that can provide you with authentic download links for WhatsApp Plus. Because in AeroApp.net our goal is to give you official and working WhatsApp mods available for free. So to download WhatsApp Plus, click on the Download button and your apk file will start downloading. It’s a simple and easy process, you will never need to spend a single rupee on anything. After downloading you can refer to our installation guide below and enjoy the WhatsApp Plus on your device.

Download: GBWhatsapp

Step By Step Installation Guide

The installation process of WhatsApp Plus is very easy, just there are some steps and methods to use. To make it more convenient we have shared a step-by-step guide below, so just follow it carefully and don’t skip any part of it.

Step 1. First of all, click on the download button and wait while downloading is going on.

Step 2. After this go to your file manager and click on the app we just downloaded.

Step 3. Then you will see a new window, asking permission for unknown sources. To install this app, so will need to allow it.

Step 4. After you are done with the permission, click on the install button and wait while the process is going on.

Step 5. Once Installation is over, you can simply click open and enjoy playing WhatsApp Plus Apk.

Frequently asked questions

Is WhatsApp Plus APK available for iPhone users?

No, WhatsApp Plus APK is only available for Android users. iPhone users are not able to install or use the app directly. But they can use Emulator and WhatsApp Plus APK.

What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp Plus APK is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application that comes with additional features and customization options that are not available in the original version.

Is WhatsApp Plus APK safe to use?

Yes, It is safe to use. It has an inbuilt Anti-Ban feature, so you can use WhatsApp Plus APK without worry.

What are some of the features of WhatsApp Plus APK?

Some of the features of WhatsApp Plus APK include the ability to customize the look and feel of the app, hide your online status, and send larger files than you can with the original app. It also includes features like anti-delete messages and the ability to schedule messages.


In this article, we shared WhatsApp Plus Also known as WA Plus. This is a very popular version of WhatsApp MOD and has amazing added features. You can easily engage your WhatsApp user experience with WhatsApp Plus. There are lots of benefits and features in this app, that we have shared in this article. You can also download WhatsApp Plus App from our official website. Here we have shared all kinds of WhatsApp Alternatives. Please share this article with all of your friends. If you face any problems or complications while downloading this app, just comment below. We will resolve your issue.

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