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Hello Everyone, The most powerful WhatsApp MOD is here! In this article, we are going to share GB WhatsApp Pro Apk, which is the most powerful WhatsApp MOD available on the internet. With lots of unique and helpful features, GB WhatsApp Pro is the best choice for you. We will be going to share a detailed review of this app. Also, you can easily download GB WhatsApp Pro apk for free. It’s an official website to download all the WhatsApp Mods for free. So don’t forget to read this article till the end, or you will lose some important information.

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Overview of GB WhatsApp Pro Apk

GB WhatsApp has been one of the most popular WhatsApp alternatives among us. Because we are here with its advanced version, GB WhatsApp Pro Apk. This version is the most advanced WhatsApp alternative available on the internet. With all-new unique features and high-security settings, you will enjoy using this app. This is not anything written as a pro, in reality, this version has many extraordinary features which you haven’t seen before. So without any further delay, it gets started.

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Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version Updated Anti-Ban

GBWhatsApp PRO
App NameGBWhatsApp Pro
Size 56MB
Updated On2 Hours Ago
Total Download10,00,000+

Advantages & Disadvantage Of GB WhatsApp Pro Apk

WhatsApp MODs have been very famous among us, and having extra features and options is very fun. That’s what you get in GB WhatsApp Pro Apk, But as anything has some Advantages and disadvantages this app also has some. Below we have listed all of them with an explanation.


  1. The Pro version: GB WhatsApp Pro apk is the most powerful WhatsApp MOD available right now.
  2. Experience the supremacy: As this version is the most powerful you will get many supreme features, which are not available in other versions.
  3. Custom theme support: You will get a dedicated theme with thousands of free themes and templates available in it.
  4. More Safety & Security: When it comes to Safety and security WhatsApp mods are ever performed amazingly with inbuilt features and options.

Download: GB WhatsApp Apk


  1. Unofficial version: GB WhatsApp Pro is just a modified version of WhatsApp and it’s not developed by WhatsApp corporation.
  2. Late Updates: There are delays in getting security patch updates and other updates in these versions.
  3. Difficult to use: If you don’t have some technical knowledge this version can be a little hard to learn. Because it has a learning curve.

Fabulous Features in GB WhatsApp Pro Apk

GB WhatsApp Pro is the ultimate place to immerse your chatting experience. This version is made to give you all the premium features you can have in any other version. To give you a brief understanding of GB WA Pro features, below we have shared all the top features of GB WhatsApp Apk, so just read them carefully.

List of amazing features in GB WA Pro Apk

  • Ultimate Customisations
  • Get more Security
  • Exclusive GB Themes
  • Most Premium Version
  • Set Auto Reply
  • New GB Whatsapp Pro Stickers
  • In-Build Updater
  • Custom Backup & Restore
  • Without Any Limit
  • Share Unlimited Media

Ultimate Customisations

Customization is always been one of the main factors of WhatsApp Mods because in GB WhatsApp Pro you will get the ultimate customization options available. You can easily customize the app as you want. We have added all the settings and important options to help you get a better customization experience. Also with the different sections, you will be able to customize this app more effectively, like conversation screen settings, home screen settings, and more. There are a lot of settings and options that give you the best customisation experience, We aren’t get able to share all the features here, But you can easily access them by downloading the GB WhatsApp Pro.

Get more Security

In this digital era Security is the primary concern of any individual. For this GB WhatsApp Pro is very helpful, This app offers vibrant features and options to increase your security in this digital world. You get an In-Build app lock, custom chat lock, secure call blocking, and much more. While making the GB WhatsApp Pro, Our first concern is always about security and privacy. Because you will get many features and options to keep you private Like you can hide your last seen, hide the status view, and many more.

Exclusive GB Themes

Currently, every WhatsApp alternative has a theme store, but most of them will give you the same boring themes that will not look great. On the other hand, GB WA Pro has an ever-refreshing theme store, There are more than 5k+ themes available in this theme store. This store is very amazing and has attractive themes in it. You can freely select any theme of your choice and apply it in seconds. Also downloading and applying of GB WhatsApp theme is free, There is no need to spend a single penny for any of these services. All you need is just download the GB WhatsApp Pro apk on your device and install it for free.

Most Premium Version

GB WhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp alternatives available in the Market, but with GB WhatsApp Pro this app becomes the #1 WhatsApp alternative on the internet. With its extraordinary features and options, there is no limit to customizing this app. You can change everything as you want. On top of that, It has lots of amazing features for privacy and security settings to make your user experience more good. All this packed in an apk makes it the most premium version of itself.

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Set Auto Reply

The auto-reply is something that can help you increase your engagement. With this feature, you can set instant reply and feedback options in GB WA Pro. This is a very simple and easy process, so never think it is complex. All you need to do is click on Auto Reply options and add a new command. Select the input and your message as the output to be sent. So next time whenever you get a message auto-reply will work perfectly. This feature is very important nowadays, As we get hundreds of messages in a day, and many times it gets delayed to reply to the person. But now using the GB WhatsApp Auto-reply option, you can send auto replies for all your chats.

New GB Whatsapp Pro Stickers

Want to explore new features in GB WA Pro, then you are in the right place. GB WA Has introduced the new GB Stickers store in their app. These stickers are very awesome to use, it has a big collection of stickers and they look very amazing. There are thousands of stickers available from all types and genres, So you can choose from a huge variety. Also, all stickers are free for our family, so download the GB WhatsApp Pro from and get access to all the premium stickers for free.

In-Build Updater

Updating a MOD version could be a headache if you don’t know a genuine place to download it. In our case, is the official website to download all kinds of WhatsApp alternatives with all the safety and security. But if you want to download the GB WA Pro quickly then we have added an In-Build app updater, so just click on it and update the version you wish. This quick app updater will give you the latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro, there is no need to find the official version, Just click on the update button and download any new version if available. In case you want to know more about its exclusive features, Then just visit and download the app from it.

Custom Backup & Restore

WhatsApp gives you a choice to back up your chats on Google Drive. But this method is not secure, because while doing so all your private chats and data will be processed by WhatsApp and acquire a privacy break. In GB WhatsApp Pro we have added a custom backup and restore method, so you can easily backup your chats without losing your privacy. This method backs up your data in your device, making it more secure and safe. After updating or reinstalling you can easily select the backup options and select this file to update the apk.

Without Any Limit

Limits, Well there are no limits in GB WhatsApp Pro. In this app, we have given everything more and extra. We have given more security and privacy settings and more customization settings. You can also share BI files up to 100MB and share them with the highest quality. There are all the issues cleared by us, so now you will get the best and limitless features on your device.

Share Unlimited Media

Sharing media files can be tricky. As WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to share big media files it stops us from getting most from WhatsApp. But no more my friends, with GB WhatsApp Pro you can extend all these limits and share media files up to 100 MB. There are also increased sharing limits for Photos and Videos. The best thing about media sharing is now you can share all your media files with the same quality as you have Because in GB WhatsApp Pro all files are shared without compression.

How to download GB WhatsApp Pro Apk?

Now Downloading GB WhatsApp Pro Apk is easier than ever. You can just download this app from, it’s an official website to download all the WhatsApp alternative safety. Our team only shares the apk file after proper safety and security checkups, so you will never need to worry. This version is fully Unlocked and doesn’t contain any ads. You can simply click on the download button in this article to download GB WhatsApp Pro on your device. After that install the process.

Useful FAQs About GB WA Pro

Why do we need to download GB WA Pro Apk?

Many people think GB WhatsApp Pro is the same as other mods. But they are wrong, this version has many outstanding features to make your gaze on it.

Is it Safe to use GB WA Pro apk?

Yes, it’s safe and secure to use GB WA Pro Apk, But it’s also very important to download this app from a trusted source only.

How to download GB WhatsApp Pro Apk for free?

You will get free download links anywhere, but most of them will give you a fake version and it will not work properly. To avoid all these, only use the official GB WA Pro Apk from

Which is the lowest Android version required to install GB WA Pro on my phone?

If you have an Android device, you should have Android version 4.4 and more to install and use GB WhatsApp Pro apk on your device.

Install GB WhatsApp Pro Apk for free

Installing GB WhatsApp Pro Apk is very easy, The manual installation process is also very simple, all you need to do is just follow the quick steps given below and install GB WhatsApp Pro Apk on your device.

Step 1. First of all, you will need to download GB WhatsApp Pro Apk on your device.

Step 2. After this go to your phone settings>>Apps>>Permission>>Unkown Source. Now enable this permission and move to the next step. If you didn’t find it here, open File Manager and click on the app.

Step 3. If you have already enabled permission for Unkown Sources, then you can simply skip that step.

Step 4. After that click on the install and wait for some time, So the app will get installed.

Step 5. Once you are done with the installation process, click on open and enjoy using GB WhatsApp Pro for free.


That’s it for now, In this article we have shared the GB WhatsApp Pro apk with all of you. It’s a pro version of GB WhatsApp and comes with many advanced features. You can easily download GB WhatsApp Pro Apk on your device and install it for free. If you want any help or suggestions from our team, Then make sure to ask us in the comment section below. We have shared all the details of this version including its pros and cons. Please make sure to share this article with all of your friends and family, so they will enjoy it for free. We will be back soon

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